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Je Suis Juif

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Magen David

Magen David, made by the talented Lior Knafo


I am Jewish, like my wuman. We, avataresses, tend to adopt our wumen’s identity, so Je suis un Juif. I see her grief, her tears for the murdered yesterday at the kosher supermarket in Paris, and can but share her emotional state. An avataress has feelings too, you know.

Friday, we were preparing ourselves to light the Shabbat candles. We are not religious, but keep the tradition. Suddenly, the bad news broke in, and turned the table around. While keeping an eye on the TV, we had to light the Shabbat candles carrying a big stone in our heart. Some of our people were locked up in a supermarket facing a terror attack. Not an easy feeling.

We say the pray with a deep intention, continuing with Psalm 23, hopping with our whole heart for a happy ending:

1The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.

He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.

As my wuman summed: “Again we, the Jews, pay the price of the stupid cowered leaders of the world keeping their silent. In Hebrew we call it: to fill one’s mouth with water”. May these drek leaders drown!

I accuse the French government of not taking the right actions to stop terrorism against its Jewish citizens. Now terror is attacking them in their face. Maybe it will be an awakening call for zem. One can but hope, but it’s too late for those who were murdered.


How would you like to live in this damned society?


60, Ze New 40

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Celebrating 60

Celebrating 60, ze new 40



Sree days ago, my wuman turned 60 (as if I care…). We call it in Hebrew a round figure. I mean ze number, not ze form of ze body 😉 She isn’t round at all, but more of a skeleton, so not much of a figure.

The whole family gathered for the feast to celebrate the event with a lot of food and drinks, and music, loud, of course. These days you can’t find soft music anymore; it’s always noisy and a pain into the ears. Her cute grandchildren declaimed something funny wiz rhymes, about 60 being nowdays ze new 40, which was written by their parents, my wuman’s children.

Everybody was amused and happy. Except me, as I was not invited, but left alone in ze dark. Nu, well, at the end of ze day what am I basically? Just an avataress, nothink more.


Hadara Levin Areddy

I don’t understand why people make such a fuss about birthdays. Furthermore, what does it matter if a person (wuman or human) is 48 years old or 66 or else? Humans invented time as if to get things in order, but in my humble opinion it’s just another way to control ze werld; what else can it be?

We, avatars, don’t have a birthdate, not to mention celebrating any. We just are, invented by wumans and humans, just for zeir games.

In the photos my wuman loaded to her computer, I could see how nice the party was (I WASN’T INVITED!!!), so it made me think maybe we should also celebrate something. We can call the day we were invented as our birthday, what do you think? Don’t we deserve a celebration of our own? I promise we’ll invite our humans and wumans too; we won’t leave zen alone in ze dark.


No Body Wants You – Jazz Version of Hadara Levin Areddy


Avataresses (Women avatars)

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International Women’s Day

International Avataress' Day

International Avataress’ Day

We, avataresses and avatars, don’t discriminate between the different avatars. We treat everybody equally. Indeed, we are diverse and have our own feelings and attitudes, but we don’t judge others. My wuman says that I and my kind live in a dream world called utopia. Well, she is Israeli and I am Utopian 😉

We don’t have “correcting days”, since we try to live peacefully and playfully, not to break things in ze first place. We are good from the outset, so we don’t have an International Avataresses’ Day. Unlike many humans (I find that wumans are better), we are not capable of hating somebody just because they are not exactly like us or have different opinions to ours. We have other things to spend our time on, better issues to attend to. Like playing FarmTown 😉

Patricia Kaas – Ceux Qui N’ont Rien

My wuman laments and complains about women’s sad situation in the modern world. Here’s what she wrote in Hebrew:

“Well, what has changed this year? Again we complain about women’s condition, again the surveys show a huge gap between genders, again man dominates and women still are not equal to his majesty the shmok, but are stuck under, with a very significant distance. Instead of a happy festive day, it is still a sad day of lamentation and bemoaning. Instead of celebrating, we again learn about how depressed we, women, still are.

Some issues never change, some tradition can’t be uprooted, eradicated, even if we think that we live in this modern era. Compared to what, this “modern” is, if women’s situation hasn’t really changed?”

In dark of this, I can only say that I’m happy to be what I am and that I don’t have to face these issues. It’s nice to live in dreamland…

Farm Town Shopping Center

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FarmTown happy fair

Spread ze love!FarmTown fair

I love this game. I used to play more, but my wuman is currently very busy wiz her work and studies, so I get to be ventilated less than I used to, and forced to sit alone in ze dark until she has a bit of time and remembers me. Nu, well, nothing is perfect…

During playing, we found out that people and their avatars that play FarmTown are very nice and willing to assist each other with good advices. As I mentioned before, we don’t know our friends too much, just from gaming, but all our interactions so far were in a nice way and mood (tfu-tfu-tfu, may it continue zis vey), as FT players seem to be pleasant and polite.

The talented and dedicated players even go the extra mile and create groups like this great new one, which make our game much easier. Here we can find very helping tips, thanks to the founder, Sharyn, bless her!

Lessening after working hard

Leisurring after working hard in FarmTown

It amazes me every time I encounter with new people and find their intentions are so nice and that they do things for others without expecting to be rewarded, only for the sake of doing good deeds to help us, players.

It’s not at all obvious in a world where humans are so malicious and nasty to each other. Well, at least the wumans behave better – see mine 😉

It warms your heart and makes you lift your feet up high with a stormy Samba and sing like the followed (as follows? Anyway, take my hand and dance wiz me):

Jorge Ben jor – Taj Mahal


Farm Town Shopping center


FarmTown Girl tips on youtube

This is for Sharyn, who likes Country and Rock’n’roll music

Spread ze love!


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I hate changes. I like surprised, but not changes. I think that I’m a kind of a conservative avataress. If there must be a change, then may it be for the better, not worse.

Now they changed the way you send your gifts to your fellow players. I was expected they would allow us to send these gifts in one click, and not only to 50, but to all neighbours helping us. Well, what can I say… Instead, they came up with this really stupid unnecessary feature that makes you click and click and click. Just a waste of time. At least they shouldn’t touch it and leave it as it was. This is on chrome, not yet on Explorer, but I’m afraid it will spread.

So we have to click 50 times!!! And then the rest, could be also 50, depend on your helping neighbours. Annoying!!! At least we have “farmers helping me” (I like to always try and find the bright side of things), which helps a bit and you don’t have to go through all your friends that don’t play FT.

Another thing that’s bothering, instead of having the first option of sending gifts to your FT neighbours, it opens for all your list of friends. You should be very careful not to click this, because you don’t want to annoy them, do you? Why would we want to bother our FB friends who have no interest in playing this game?

They – FB, FT and other games people – are talking about what they call “your user experience” and under that stupid title they are trying to shove in your face as many as adds they can. So stupid! Don’t they know that people stopped paying attention to the side bars? I hope that they won’t come out with another stupid idea to put adds into the games, like on television, where you got distracted with these annoying commercial breaks in the middle of a programme. At least, on TV you don’t have to stay and you can use these breaks cleverly by going pishn or have a nosh or do some exercises to get your muscles move to prevent yourself from turning into a couch potato. Nu, well, I don’t mind much a potato, it tastes lovely (especially in mushroom sauce and fried onions*), but a couch one? Feh!!!

Did I mention that I don’t like surprises?


* Here’s a recipe of a nice dish for 2 people of boiled potatoes in mushroom sauce and fried onions:


4 nice potatoes (size doesn’t matter in this issue, use what you like, and if you have leftovers, you can always eat them the next meal)

Cooking salt (the thick one)

Ground black pepper

A handful or more of rinsed mushrooms. You can have them whole (as I like) or chopped the size you like

1 big onion chopped into little pieces or rings, as you like

Oil for frying. I prefer corn oil, but you can have what oil you like, as long as you don’t use olive oil which is not suitable for frying

2 glasses of water

1-2 soupspoons wiz mushroom powder

1 soupspoon wiz flour

Some chopped garlic (not necessary, but nice if you’re not going to kiss somebody sensitive/allergic to its sharp/strong aroma)

Some chopped herbs (stem and leaves) like mint, coriander, parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme (remember me to the one zat I love). You can sprinkle all of zem or just a few, depends on your taste



I prefer my potatoes wiz their skin, so I just wash them very thoroughly, but if u prefer to pill zem (and loose ze vitamins), then go ahead, as long as you don’t forget to wash them and your hands as well.

Cut ze potatoes into cubes the size that you like (personally, I like zem little, like 2 centimetres), and wash again. This prevents of the water to get bubbled. Trust me, it’s a good thing to wash zem twice.

Put ze potato cubes into a cooking pot, add tab water to cover them by about 4 cm and bring to a boil. When the water dance happily with bubbles, add salt carefully, as too much is never good and you have to consider your partner’s taste. Lower the heat, and boil until ze potatoes are fork tender. That can take from 20 to 45 minutes, depending on their size (again, I hope it’s not an issue…).

While ze potatoes are potatoeing, take a saucepan to join it on a low fire of the stove. Keep ze fire low ze whole time. Add the oil and when it’s warm, put in the chopped onion (or the rings) and fry. When zey get a nice golden colour, add 3/4 of the mushrooms and let zem fry for a little while. Be careful not to burn ze onion, or ze mushrooms.

Add the 2 glasses of water, season with a bit of salt and pepper, to taste. Zen, sprinkle in ze mushroom powder and ze flour. Mish (stir) it well with long slow strokes until it integrates in ze water to a nice homogeneous mild solid sauce. Bring it to boil and let it bubble for another 10 minutes to make sure ze powder and ze flour is dissolved. Pay attention zat ze sauce doesn’t become too solid, so add water if required.


After cooking:

Take out ze ready potatoes and arrange zem on a nice plate. It can be naked or you can dress the plate wiz some nice lettuce leaves – it’s up to you. For me, it depends on my mood and if I remembered to buy zem.

Pour the sauce on ze potatoes and serve.

I like to display ze herbs in little saucers/phials/vials (whoshumacall zese small bowls?) on ze table, so each diner person can help herself to what she likes (preferably me!)

It would be nice if you tried it and let me know how it was.


BZV, no photo attached, because we (ze kvin and I) ate it all and forgot to take pikchors, sorry. Perhaps next time, if my memory serves me.

Happiness is a choice, isn’t it?

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Watch this…



Mr. Brown1

Happy farming

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I have a friend who is a bit crazy. Well, “a bit” is an understatement… I can’t imagine her having a life. How can she, with having 19 (nineteen!!!) farms to attend to? Me and my wuman have 6 farms each, with which we r quite happy. It’s more than enough for us. We have plenty of work as it is. Before they changed the layout of the farms – there were 3 in a row, so six was nice – sri (3) in each row. With the release of more farms, they had to change to 4 in a row, so now ze layout doesn’t look so nice. It’s 4 in the first row and 2 in ze second. I like when it’s equal. Well, u can’t win zem all, can u? Neverzeless, we are not going to purchase more farms just for ze layout to look nice. There’s a limit to how much time my wuman wishes to spend here. And/or me.



I don’t inspect others’ farms, but I’m a very friendly avatar and I like to visit my neighbours each morning when I log in to play. I like to sit wiz my coffee and biscuits (coated wiz chocolate, of course) and go to my neighbours’ farms to earn ze XPs. U know zat u earn 6 XPs on each visit, yes?



I noticed that not all of their farms are planted. People use some farms just to decorate zem. Some farms are planted and worked, but others just are for facilities and such, so they don’t have to keep working and spend too much time there. Having said that, I can but wonder how much time they have spent to decorate their farms. Not little, I’m sure. But at least it’s nice and lovely. There are beautiful farms, really stunning work of art, that make u feel very nice, as they are very inspiring: the details of the little things (human’s G-d is in them, isn’t He?), the lovely scenes, the great ideas – all are very-very-very (and more) heart-warming. I like to see talented ppl put ideas and thought into action/reality. Creative ppl (and avatars as well) always fascinate me.



Anyway, this friend of mine, whom I mentioned in the beginning, is a nutcase. I never met her in person of course, like most of my neighbours (we are virtual friends), but she seems to never sleep. Every time I go in to play – she is on. As if her light never stops. She always has crops to harvest and fields to plow, trees, fish… none of her farms is for decoration, just for work. In the beginning, I used to spend time and worked at her farms, but after founding myself spending 8 (eight!!!) hours and more just in her farms – I gave up and asked her to relieve me from these duties. I wonder if she’s wuman at all. Wumans are not avatars, zey need to rest from time to time, no?



I’m a curious avatar which likes to know almost everything, so I asked her a few times how come she’s constantly on. I never got an answer, but this morning, when I logged in, I noticed her light is on (as usual), but her avatar is fuzzy. This means one of the two: I visited her farm or she deleted me as a friend. Since I haven’t had the chance to visit her farm yet, the other option/case occurred. Wasn’t a nice feeling to be deserted, but what can I do? I can’t force her to play wiz me, can I?

May this insignificant loss of losing a virtual FT neighbouress be the only one I’ll ever miss in my life. And yours. Abi gezund.


??? who’s farm is it? I Don’t remember, sorry


Farmers and Friends

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It’s maybe weird, but except of my wuman, I don’t have any Israelis among my neighbours in FarmTown. I do have Israeli friends, but none of them play FT. As usual, I’m alone in ze dark…

I am struggling with Facebook, as it doesn’t see the people, but only the profit they can bring. We are merely milking cows. I wish somebody of the developers would take advices from us, the members, as we can help in making this place much better, not to mention enjoyable. Well, at least for us, the users and players. We usually tend to know what we like. Mostly, we don’t like others to tell us what we need. Usually, I am not happy when somebody dies, but there are exceptions, like when Steve Jobs relieved us from the damage he caused, may he rest where he is and never ever come back to bother us again. He released products that ppl mostly don’t need, but he was sure they do. We call it chutzpa in Hebrew. One can’t argue wiz success (and Apple did make a lot of money for Jobs), but when success corrupts and harms (I hope u remember the shocking and disgusting use of the workers at Foxconn), u need to re-examine this. Apple did harm us. At least, I find some comfort in the fact that Israelis are clever enough not to follow every trend that spouts each day, and we like to inspect first before we spend our money. Apple never was a big success in Israel, mainly because they are soooooo stupid not to meet our needs. Nobody bothered to ask us what we need.


Facebook did succeed enormously in Israel. One might think that we actually live in this network, as if we don’t have anything else to do in life. Bosses accepted the fact that their workers spend time on Facebook during work. Everybody is happy…

I wish it was better. Of course I’d like to strive for perfection, but “good” would be nice too for now. I tried to form/create a few separated groups: one for my family (I’m an avatar, but nevertheless have my own family), one for friends, another for my FT neighbours etc. I’m a very neat avatar and like to keep things in order, but it’s a pain in the tuches, alas. It doesn’t work as I’d like it to. True, it’s easy to sort out your friends into these groups, but then the headache starts: who wants to constantly get ALL ze news from everybody? I thought that I’d get from my FT neighbours group ONLY news regarding their activity in the game, but as it doesn’t meet Facebook’s greedy goals – I get EVERYTHING they do, no matter how many times I keep ticking off their other activities and keep only “Games” ticked. I stopped complaining about having to receive information about ALL their games and delete them as they come – that’s small peanuts – but why can’t it be simple and have the ability to specify what I do want? Or u, or she etc. Why can’t we adjust Facebook to our needs and will? If only there was a button to click on, that allows only FT activity and never to have to receive drek about other games all the time, life would be easier, wouldn’t it?


Another problem is that I don’t get anymore much info about the game. I’m talking about FarmTown, since I don’t play other games. Who has ze time or ze mood to play all ze time? Occasionally, when a neighbour clicks “like” on crops and facilities, I see it and can work or send ze bonuses and ingredients. This is ze place to apologize to my neighbours who noticed that I don’t work much on theirs. Simply, I don’t get ze info. Some of my neighbours know this problem and zey r clever enough to send me a message or email me when zey post zeir facilities or need ingredients. In return, I do ze same for zem.

I can assure u that I’ve ticked ALL info – not “most” or “only important”, I ticked “all”, but does it verk? Of course not, why would it? Facebook has a goal – to bother and bomb us wiz all ze crap zey have zer. Stupid Zukerman and staff – I guess zey can’t understand that too much info is too much for us and in a very short time ppl become immunized to drek. Is quality so bed, that they avoid making this network good and suitable to each of us? How hard would it be?

Well, may it be our only problem in life, Amen!

Wishing you Shana tova, may peace dwell upon our tortured globe and may all our dreams and wishes come true.

Mr. Brown1


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I love gifts, don’t you? I remember the times, when in the beginning I didn’t have many neighbours, which meant not many gifts to send and receive. Like in real life (so I hear from my wuman), the key word of success is to have plenty. If u r rich – u conquer almost everything and able to achieve what your heart desires. And, of course, advance in life as well as in ze game.

The wuman talks to me telepathically here and there, and told me that in the beginning of this game, the players couldn’t change the gifts they received and there where pleadings to send good and suitable ones, otherwise it was in vain, no use to these gifts. She plays this game a ve-ry lo——-ng time, much-much more than me, as u may understand. I can but be horrified because of zis. Ok, perhaps “horrified” is a strong word, as we are dealing wiz just a game, but I can’t sink of another at zis moment. I can’t imagine how awful it is not to be able to change the gifts. Oy vey! You are stuck wiz items you don’t want or need! Feh!

But it’s a very little comfort, because ppl keep sending stupid items like the fuel tank, trees/flowers, baits (ichs!) and all this unnecessary drek, not to mention the decorations. Hello!!! It’s like the sender puts her curser unintentionally on a coincidental item wizout bothering to choose a good effective one and clicks the send button. Just for the sake of fulfilling a task. Nobody pays any attention to the fact that it’s such a time consuming having to change zem! Not to mention how angry does it make you feel. Nobody has mercy on their neighbours. Sometimes, occasionally, when I’m in ze mood of getting even, I send people back drek gifts like ze peacock. If u got zis from me – plz do us both a favour, consider to behave and start sending me (as well as your ozer neighbours) normal, good effective gifts.

What is considered as good effective gifts? No need to have a high IQ to figure out that it’s those that you can’t produce or purchase and you depend on your neighbours to send you. Like all the meat stuff (including chicken pepperoni etc.), which seems to be always missing. Most restaurants need these, so why not send it and not just drek? I have neighbours that constantly stick to one item and never change the gifts they send. It means that I constantly need to change them. From like 50-60 gifts I get per day, a half has to be replaced. I don’t need any fuels (I have the facility!), nor crops, as I grow them myself. I have no idea why they still bother to annoy their neighbours with unfertile cases of fruit.

There were times, when I wanted to teach them a lesson and used to send them back the same drek items, but I found out that there’s no point to continue doing so as they kept sending as they pleased. No success, alas. No point in wasting time with ppl that don’t care.

I wish they will soon get some common sense and stop sending these. A little thoughtfulness never hurt anyone, did it?




Level 450

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How do you feel to be stuck in one place? Doesn’t it make you feel frustrated? How is it when you play in neutral and you can’t advance? You play and you play and continue to play, but your level remains ze same. Really annoying!

On the ozer hand, it’s not too bad (as I see it) to reach this level (wiz 18,300,000 XPs) 6 month after staring playing that game. I think it’s a nice achievement, given the fact that my wuman doesn’t buy anything, just using Farm cash. She refuses to spend real money, quite rightly. I’m not sitting on it day and night, just when my wuman has ze mood and the time. She doesn’t have much time…

I was in ze marketplace when I heard somebody saying that it’s not much fun now, as we are stuck. I went to check her farm and was amazed to find that she has 77 million points and her bar is deep on the right, which means she reached a billion. Wow! I have a very thin line on my bar. There’s no way I’ll ever reach hers. Not that I have any intention to do so. There are not enough hours in ze day to play to match her.


One can but wonder how the programmers of this game can’t find a solution to make the levels flow, as it’s not rocket science. What do we want? Really not a lot, just to keep playing and get ze points. Is it too much to ask?

Well, my wuman keeps calming me dowen and tells me that it’s just a game, nothing to get excited about. Nu, she is not an avatar and I know she has ozer excitements than gaming. I can hear her and her spouse. She thinks I don’t have ears…

Somebody else complained about her boredom, that there is no challenge anymore. She also has more than a billion XPs. How did zey get all these? I wonder if zey have a life other than the virtual. With anozer sought, I’m sure she spent quite a lot in real money to get all
the advanced tool to reach these XPs. As we say in Yiddish: Abi gezunt.

I have 18$ and need 27 more to buy anozer tool I need. I hope that the next ration of levels will come soon, but I have patience. For me, time is not of the essence, as I live according the will and mood of my wuman.

After all, it’s only a game, nothing more.