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Trembling blue stars

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Did we ever want the same things?

Wumans and avatars have different points of view about some subjects. One might think that the avatar is her mistress’s incarnation/embodiment, but it’s not so very much. From time to time, one can see wumans struggling to control their avatars, mostly in vain. Not very often, but we do have our agenda, which is hard for wumans to understand, let alone change it after we made up our minds.

One can but wonder why wumans bother to create us. Why can’t they just play with each other, why wiz imaginary figures? Don’t get me wrong – I’m not complaining, but wouldn’t it be simpler if wumans play with wumans and avatars with avatars?

Personally, I think we have ze same goal – to pass the time pleasantly by playing and having fun. I love zis game. I get to meet ozer avatars, I make new friends, learn about different life styles, it’s really enjoying and interesting. I like spending my days working on the farms. I hear from the wumans that it’s boring to click and click, but I don’t care, clicking is my thing. There’s no work that is too much for me, I do everything: harvesting, plowing, planting, coping trees and of course there are ze facilities, which produce many points. Mind u, at the moments, it doesn’t reward much, since most of the players are stuck on level 425. I’m on level 368, but moving up slowly, leisurely. I have time. Where do I have to hurry to?

Ze more ze Merrier

My wuman complains about some things regarding the game. One is the problem that we can’t buy much with our coins we gain. Many items can be bought only wiz farm cash or wiz real money. Gaining farm cash is not easy and requires working hard for a long time. Well, what is new? Simple ppl, who have no money, have to move very slowly from level to level, assemble the pennies in order to buy items in this game. One can but wonder why the developers of the game don’t allow us to purchase items with the coins we gain. I’m sure that more ppl would join the game. Or perhaps not.

Trembling blue stars don’t live in the real world

Trembling blue stars / Don’t live in the real world ©

So did we ever want the same things?
You want a love you could live without.
Maybe after all we’re on different wavelengths.

Something’s just eluding me, somehow.
But to have an opinion
Is fraught with danger
Could you ever believe
There’s no hidden agenda with me?

Applying the brakes may well protect you;
Boundaries in place will keep a heart safe.
But I think love should come with madness,
That there is no road you should not take.
Surviving isn’t everything:
I’d rather drown than not dive in.

But what does it matter what I think?
Why should I have to understand?
What gives me the right to judge you?
And what do I know anyway
Didn’t you always say I don’t live in the real world?




Milk and Honey

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sharon & friends

I live in the land of milk and honey. Tell you the truth, not much of those, these days. It’s quite hard to manage trough the difficulties we experience economically, politically etc.

On top of all, we are causing so much damage to the planet we live upon. In the past, very-very-very many years ago, sheep and cattle used to graze nice delicious healthy nourishing green grass at the pasture in open space, breathing clear air and produce good nice milk for their offspring and for humans too. Since mankind became greedy and decided to exploit everything he can lay his nasty hands on – nature has changed for the bad, and among other things, we learned about the damages cow milk can cause us. Nature tends to get even with those who don’t treat it nicely.

We must be kind to others, to nature, to the animals and everything surrounding us.


Milk & Honey1


Milk & Honey2


Milk & Honey3


Milk & Honey4


Milk & Honey5


Milk & Honey6




(Last but not least…)

Milk & Honey7