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Milk and Honey

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I live in the land of milk and honey. Tell you the truth, not much of those, these days. It’s quite hard to manage trough the difficulties we experience economically, politically etc.

On top of all, we are causing so much damage to the planet we live upon. In the past, very-very-very many years ago, sheep and cattle used to graze nice delicious healthy nourishing green grass at the pasture in open space, breathing clear air and produce good nice milk for their offspring and for humans too. Since mankind became greedy and decided to exploit everything he can lay his nasty hands on – nature has changed for the bad, and among other things, we learned about the damages cow milk can cause us. Nature tends to get even with those who don’t treat it nicely.

We must be kind to others, to nature, to the animals and everything surrounding us.


Milk & Honey1


Milk & Honey2


Milk & Honey3


Milk & Honey4


Milk & Honey5


Milk & Honey6




(Last but not least…)

Milk & Honey7


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