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What is different?

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I guess I had a sheltered life or maybe my eyes were closed until now, when I start to reveal new insights. I never thought that a colour of one’s skin has anything to do wiz one’s quality. Aren’t we all humans and wumans, and share ze same spirit? Why are we bad to each other and treat each other differently, based on prejudice?

Personally, in my surrounding (which is on FarmTown), I meet nice people, polite, helping and wiz a lot of good intentions. We do our best to help each other in the game. True, we are avatars and we don’t live in so called “The real world”, but for us it is real. We do interact, even if it is in a virtual world. Sometimes we hook up wiz people just for one session, as we hire and get hired in ze marketplace, and some other times we are lucky to make friends. I made a nice friend who lives in a country I never thought I’d ever visit. Life is beautiful and full of nice surprises.
One day, a few months ago, I went to ze marketplace to sell my goodies and got hired. I was a beginner then, didn’t have many XPs and my level was below 100. Gherkin was there to hire farmers-in-need, to work on her many farms. A blessing for those who were desperate for ze points. I didn’t have proper tools at that time, just the basic, so it took me 4 hours to finish the work. I assume that she was pleased wiz my work, so she asked me to meet wiz her the next day. She gave me work until I reached level 300, then she started hire others. Fair enough. We are still in touch via liking each other’s posts (I hope she’ll like zis one too). I’m going to visit her country soon when my wuman and hers will coordinate the date.


As avatars, equals, we never base our friendship upon stupid prejudice, but on how we interact wiz each other. Mostly, we work for each other in FarmTown and move on, sometimes we befriend and become neighbours, sometime more.

Gherkin sent me zis article, which shocked me deeply. Each and every one of us should put themselves in the shoes of the writer and see how these words would affect us:

“I caught a few words of the end of her text that made me look more intently: ‘on the plane, sitting thigh to thigh with a big fat nigger. Lucky me’.”

A big fat nigger. What would you do if you were that big fat nigger? Can somebody be immunized against evil? How would you react if somebody would say something nasty against you?

I believe that we all are perfect, appose to the common opinion that we all have faults. Depends on the definition and the meaning of the word “fault”. One’s fault might be another’s quality. Who is to determine what’s right?


As I wrote in the beginning: I must have had a sheltered life or maybe my eyes were closed until now. I guess zey are a bit open now. I’m not sure it is a good thing.