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I have a friend who is a bit crazy. Well, “a bit” is an understatement… I can’t imagine her having a life. How can she, with having 19 (nineteen!!!) farms to attend to? Me and my wuman have 6 farms each, with which we r quite happy. It’s more than enough for us. We have plenty of work as it is. Before they changed the layout of the farms – there were 3 in a row, so six was nice – sri (3) in each row. With the release of more farms, they had to change to 4 in a row, so now ze layout doesn’t look so nice. It’s 4 in the first row and 2 in ze second. I like when it’s equal. Well, u can’t win zem all, can u? Neverzeless, we are not going to purchase more farms just for ze layout to look nice. There’s a limit to how much time my wuman wishes to spend here. And/or me.



I don’t inspect others’ farms, but I’m a very friendly avatar and I like to visit my neighbours each morning when I log in to play. I like to sit wiz my coffee and biscuits (coated wiz chocolate, of course) and go to my neighbours’ farms to earn ze XPs. U know zat u earn 6 XPs on each visit, yes?



I noticed that not all of their farms are planted. People use some farms just to decorate zem. Some farms are planted and worked, but others just are for facilities and such, so they don’t have to keep working and spend too much time there. Having said that, I can but wonder how much time they have spent to decorate their farms. Not little, I’m sure. But at least it’s nice and lovely. There are beautiful farms, really stunning work of art, that make u feel very nice, as they are very inspiring: the details of the little things (human’s G-d is in them, isn’t He?), the lovely scenes, the great ideas – all are very-very-very (and more) heart-warming. I like to see talented ppl put ideas and thought into action/reality. Creative ppl (and avatars as well) always fascinate me.



Anyway, this friend of mine, whom I mentioned in the beginning, is a nutcase. I never met her in person of course, like most of my neighbours (we are virtual friends), but she seems to never sleep. Every time I go in to play – she is on. As if her light never stops. She always has crops to harvest and fields to plow, trees, fish… none of her farms is for decoration, just for work. In the beginning, I used to spend time and worked at her farms, but after founding myself spending 8 (eight!!!) hours and more just in her farms – I gave up and asked her to relieve me from these duties. I wonder if she’s wuman at all. Wumans are not avatars, zey need to rest from time to time, no?



I’m a curious avatar which likes to know almost everything, so I asked her a few times how come she’s constantly on. I never got an answer, but this morning, when I logged in, I noticed her light is on (as usual), but her avatar is fuzzy. This means one of the two: I visited her farm or she deleted me as a friend. Since I haven’t had the chance to visit her farm yet, the other option/case occurred. Wasn’t a nice feeling to be deserted, but what can I do? I can’t force her to play wiz me, can I?

May this insignificant loss of losing a virtual FT neighbouress be the only one I’ll ever miss in my life. And yours. Abi gezund.


??? who’s farm is it? I Don’t remember, sorry


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  1. Great! Bless you for your humour 😉

  2. kathy jackson

    I hope you can always get to my farm as I love you as much as you love me this is lovely page you have done , Kathy xxxxx


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