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I hate changes. I like surprised, but not changes. I think that I’m a kind of a conservative avataress. If there must be a change, then may it be for the better, not worse.

Now they changed the way you send your gifts to your fellow players. I was expected they would allow us to send these gifts in one click, and not only to 50, but to all neighbours helping us. Well, what can I say… Instead, they came up with this really stupid unnecessary feature that makes you click and click and click. Just a waste of time. At least they shouldn’t touch it and leave it as it was. This is on chrome, not yet on Explorer, but I’m afraid it will spread.

So we have to click 50 times!!! And then the rest, could be also 50, depend on your helping neighbours. Annoying!!! At least we have “farmers helping me” (I like to always try and find the bright side of things), which helps a bit and you don’t have to go through all your friends that don’t play FT.

Another thing that’s bothering, instead of having the first option of sending gifts to your FT neighbours, it opens for all your list of friends. You should be very careful not to click this, because you don’t want to annoy them, do you? Why would we want to bother our FB friends who have no interest in playing this game?

They – FB, FT and other games people – are talking about what they call “your user experience” and under that stupid title they are trying to shove in your face as many as adds they can. So stupid! Don’t they know that people stopped paying attention to the side bars? I hope that they won’t come out with another stupid idea to put adds into the games, like on television, where you got distracted with these annoying commercial breaks in the middle of a programme. At least, on TV you don’t have to stay and you can use these breaks cleverly by going pishn or have a nosh or do some exercises to get your muscles move to prevent yourself from turning into a couch potato. Nu, well, I don’t mind much a potato, it tastes lovely (especially in mushroom sauce and fried onions*), but a couch one? Feh!!!

Did I mention that I don’t like surprises?


* Here’s a recipe of a nice dish for 2 people of boiled potatoes in mushroom sauce and fried onions:


4 nice potatoes (size doesn’t matter in this issue, use what you like, and if you have leftovers, you can always eat them the next meal)

Cooking salt (the thick one)

Ground black pepper

A handful or more of rinsed mushrooms. You can have them whole (as I like) or chopped the size you like

1 big onion chopped into little pieces or rings, as you like

Oil for frying. I prefer corn oil, but you can have what oil you like, as long as you don’t use olive oil which is not suitable for frying

2 glasses of water

1-2 soupspoons wiz mushroom powder

1 soupspoon wiz flour

Some chopped garlic (not necessary, but nice if you’re not going to kiss somebody sensitive/allergic to its sharp/strong aroma)

Some chopped herbs (stem and leaves) like mint, coriander, parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme (remember me to the one zat I love). You can sprinkle all of zem or just a few, depends on your taste



I prefer my potatoes wiz their skin, so I just wash them very thoroughly, but if u prefer to pill zem (and loose ze vitamins), then go ahead, as long as you don’t forget to wash them and your hands as well.

Cut ze potatoes into cubes the size that you like (personally, I like zem little, like 2 centimetres), and wash again. This prevents of the water to get bubbled. Trust me, it’s a good thing to wash zem twice.

Put ze potato cubes into a cooking pot, add tab water to cover them by about 4 cm and bring to a boil. When the water dance happily with bubbles, add salt carefully, as too much is never good and you have to consider your partner’s taste. Lower the heat, and boil until ze potatoes are fork tender. That can take from 20 to 45 minutes, depending on their size (again, I hope it’s not an issue…).

While ze potatoes are potatoeing, take a saucepan to join it on a low fire of the stove. Keep ze fire low ze whole time. Add the oil and when it’s warm, put in the chopped onion (or the rings) and fry. When zey get a nice golden colour, add 3/4 of the mushrooms and let zem fry for a little while. Be careful not to burn ze onion, or ze mushrooms.

Add the 2 glasses of water, season with a bit of salt and pepper, to taste. Zen, sprinkle in ze mushroom powder and ze flour. Mish (stir) it well with long slow strokes until it integrates in ze water to a nice homogeneous mild solid sauce. Bring it to boil and let it bubble for another 10 minutes to make sure ze powder and ze flour is dissolved. Pay attention zat ze sauce doesn’t become too solid, so add water if required.


After cooking:

Take out ze ready potatoes and arrange zem on a nice plate. It can be naked or you can dress the plate wiz some nice lettuce leaves – it’s up to you. For me, it depends on my mood and if I remembered to buy zem.

Pour the sauce on ze potatoes and serve.

I like to display ze herbs in little saucers/phials/vials (whoshumacall zese small bowls?) on ze table, so each diner person can help herself to what she likes (preferably me!)

It would be nice if you tried it and let me know how it was.


BZV, no photo attached, because we (ze kvin and I) ate it all and forgot to take pikchors, sorry. Perhaps next time, if my memory serves me.

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  1. I like this recipe, it’s my favoured!


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