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60, Ze New 40

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Celebrating 60

Celebrating 60, ze new 40



Sree days ago, my wuman turned 60 (as if I care…). We call it in Hebrew a round figure. I mean ze number, not ze form of ze body 😉 She isn’t round at all, but more of a skeleton, so not much of a figure.

The whole family gathered for the feast to celebrate the event with a lot of food and drinks, and music, loud, of course. These days you can’t find soft music anymore; it’s always noisy and a pain into the ears. Her cute grandchildren declaimed something funny wiz rhymes, about 60 being nowdays ze new 40, which was written by their parents, my wuman’s children.

Everybody was amused and happy. Except me, as I was not invited, but left alone in ze dark. Nu, well, at the end of ze day what am I basically? Just an avataress, nothink more.


Hadara Levin Areddy

I don’t understand why people make such a fuss about birthdays. Furthermore, what does it matter if a person (wuman or human) is 48 years old or 66 or else? Humans invented time as if to get things in order, but in my humble opinion it’s just another way to control ze werld; what else can it be?

We, avatars, don’t have a birthdate, not to mention celebrating any. We just are, invented by wumans and humans, just for zeir games.

In the photos my wuman loaded to her computer, I could see how nice the party was (I WASN’T INVITED!!!), so it made me think maybe we should also celebrate something. We can call the day we were invented as our birthday, what do you think? Don’t we deserve a celebration of our own? I promise we’ll invite our humans and wumans too; we won’t leave zen alone in ze dark.


No Body Wants You – Jazz Version of Hadara Levin Areddy



Avataresses (Women avatars)

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International Women’s Day

International Avataress' Day

International Avataress’ Day

We, avataresses and avatars, don’t discriminate between the different avatars. We treat everybody equally. Indeed, we are diverse and have our own feelings and attitudes, but we don’t judge others. My wuman says that I and my kind live in a dream world called utopia. Well, she is Israeli and I am Utopian 😉

We don’t have “correcting days”, since we try to live peacefully and playfully, not to break things in ze first place. We are good from the outset, so we don’t have an International Avataresses’ Day. Unlike many humans (I find that wumans are better), we are not capable of hating somebody just because they are not exactly like us or have different opinions to ours. We have other things to spend our time on, better issues to attend to. Like playing FarmTown 😉

Patricia Kaas – Ceux Qui N’ont Rien

My wuman laments and complains about women’s sad situation in the modern world. Here’s what she wrote in Hebrew:

“Well, what has changed this year? Again we complain about women’s condition, again the surveys show a huge gap between genders, again man dominates and women still are not equal to his majesty the shmok, but are stuck under, with a very significant distance. Instead of a happy festive day, it is still a sad day of lamentation and bemoaning. Instead of celebrating, we again learn about how depressed we, women, still are.

Some issues never change, some tradition can’t be uprooted, eradicated, even if we think that we live in this modern era. Compared to what, this “modern” is, if women’s situation hasn’t really changed?”

In dark of this, I can only say that I’m happy to be what I am and that I don’t have to face these issues. It’s nice to live in dreamland…

Farm Town Shopping Center

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FarmTown happy fair

Spread ze love!FarmTown fair

I love this game. I used to play more, but my wuman is currently very busy wiz her work and studies, so I get to be ventilated less than I used to, and forced to sit alone in ze dark until she has a bit of time and remembers me. Nu, well, nothing is perfect…

During playing, we found out that people and their avatars that play FarmTown are very nice and willing to assist each other with good advices. As I mentioned before, we don’t know our friends too much, just from gaming, but all our interactions so far were in a nice way and mood (tfu-tfu-tfu, may it continue zis vey), as FT players seem to be pleasant and polite.

The talented and dedicated players even go the extra mile and create groups like this great new one, which make our game much easier. Here we can find very helping tips, thanks to the founder, Sharyn, bless her!

Lessening after working hard

Leisurring after working hard in FarmTown

It amazes me every time I encounter with new people and find their intentions are so nice and that they do things for others without expecting to be rewarded, only for the sake of doing good deeds to help us, players.

It’s not at all obvious in a world where humans are so malicious and nasty to each other. Well, at least the wumans behave better – see mine 😉

It warms your heart and makes you lift your feet up high with a stormy Samba and sing like the followed (as follows? Anyway, take my hand and dance wiz me):

Jorge Ben jor – Taj Mahal


Farm Town Shopping center


FarmTown Girl tips on youtube

This is for Sharyn, who likes Country and Rock’n’roll music

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