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Farm Town Shopping Center

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FarmTown happy fair

Spread ze love!FarmTown fair

I love this game. I used to play more, but my wuman is currently very busy wiz her work and studies, so I get to be ventilated less than I used to, and forced to sit alone in ze dark until she has a bit of time and remembers me. Nu, well, nothing is perfect…

During playing, we found out that people and their avatars that play FarmTown are very nice and willing to assist each other with good advices. As I mentioned before, we don’t know our friends too much, just from gaming, but all our interactions so far were in a nice way and mood (tfu-tfu-tfu, may it continue zis vey), as FT players seem to be pleasant and polite.

The talented and dedicated players even go the extra mile and create groups like this great new one, which make our game much easier. Here we can find very helping tips, thanks to the founder, Sharyn, bless her!

Lessening after working hard

Leisurring after working hard in FarmTown

It amazes me every time I encounter with new people and find their intentions are so nice and that they do things for others without expecting to be rewarded, only for the sake of doing good deeds to help us, players.

It’s not at all obvious in a world where humans are so malicious and nasty to each other. Well, at least the wumans behave better – see mine 😉

It warms your heart and makes you lift your feet up high with a stormy Samba and sing like the followed (as follows? Anyway, take my hand and dance wiz me):

Jorge Ben jor – Taj Mahal


Farm Town Shopping center


FarmTown Girl tips on youtube

This is for Sharyn, who likes Country and Rock’n’roll music

Spread ze love!

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