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me posing

I’m just the avatar. I was born in the mind of my wuman on the 8th of September 2012, due to her need to play on FarmTown without the necessity of going to the marketplace and hire somebody else.

A half a year later, on the 11th of March 2013, I became involved in a relationship with a nice sweetheart, who doesn’t know who I am and thinks I’m a real person. Plz don’t tell her anything about it. I’m not sure how she will take it.

My sweetheart and I

As an Israeli avataress, I speak Heblish, of course, as u might see. What can one do if it wasn’t born in a native English-speaking country? But I can assure u, my Hebrew is intact. Anyway, I thought this blog should be in an international language, in which I have some knowledge (since I don’t know other languages), to reach as many readers as possible. I hope that u will forgive me for my mistakes. If u feel like it – u r welcome to correct them.


This blog is about my world as I experience it – an avataress in the world of other avatars, and the wumans who play games on the internet. Except of my sweetheart, I don’t know anybody in person, since players don’t tend to socialize much and have no intention to make friends outside the game, in what they call “real life”. Mind u, I don’t know my sweetheart to well either, only what she chooses to tell me. As an avatar, it’s good enough for me. It’s nice to have somebody in your life.

My friends

It’s interesting how so many times and in too many occasions me and my wuman don’t see eye to eye and we have different opinions on quite a number of issues. I call it diverse and variety, she calls it disobedience if I don’t do as I’m told. Even if she allows me to express them, she doesn’t care about my feelings and/or opinions, and demands that I fulfil everything she plans for me. It’s not easy sometimes to do the opposite of what I believe, but do I have a choice? If I’m not good, she can delete me in a split of a second. So I always do as I’m told.


A word of gratitude/gratefulness

I’d like to thank my good neighbours in FT, who kindly let me take photos of them and their lovely farms (which some of them are so beautiful and breath taking) and for letting me use these photos in my blog. Bless you, ppl!

1The words of the Preacher, the son of David, king in Jerusalem.

Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher; Vanity of vanities, all is vanity

Ecclesiastes 1, 1-2

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  1. Mazl tov, sis! Cogratulations!


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