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Farmers and Friends

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It’s maybe weird, but except of my wuman, I don’t have any Israelis among my neighbours in FarmTown. I do have Israeli friends, but none of them play FT. As usual, I’m alone in ze dark…

I am struggling with Facebook, as it doesn’t see the people, but only the profit they can bring. We are merely milking cows. I wish somebody of the developers would take advices from us, the members, as we can help in making this place much better, not to mention enjoyable. Well, at least for us, the users and players. We usually tend to know what we like. Mostly, we don’t like others to tell us what we need. Usually, I am not happy when somebody dies, but there are exceptions, like when Steve Jobs relieved us from the damage he caused, may he rest where he is and never ever come back to bother us again. He released products that ppl mostly don’t need, but he was sure they do. We call it chutzpa in Hebrew. One can’t argue wiz success (and Apple did make a lot of money for Jobs), but when success corrupts and harms (I hope u remember the shocking and disgusting use of the workers at Foxconn), u need to re-examine this. Apple did harm us. At least, I find some comfort in the fact that Israelis are clever enough not to follow every trend that spouts each day, and we like to inspect first before we spend our money. Apple never was a big success in Israel, mainly because they are soooooo stupid not to meet our needs. Nobody bothered to ask us what we need.


Facebook did succeed enormously in Israel. One might think that we actually live in this network, as if we don’t have anything else to do in life. Bosses accepted the fact that their workers spend time on Facebook during work. Everybody is happy…

I wish it was better. Of course I’d like to strive for perfection, but “good” would be nice too for now. I tried to form/create a few separated groups: one for my family (I’m an avatar, but nevertheless have my own family), one for friends, another for my FT neighbours etc. I’m a very neat avatar and like to keep things in order, but it’s a pain in the tuches, alas. It doesn’t work as I’d like it to. True, it’s easy to sort out your friends into these groups, but then the headache starts: who wants to constantly get ALL ze news from everybody? I thought that I’d get from my FT neighbours group ONLY news regarding their activity in the game, but as it doesn’t meet Facebook’s greedy goals – I get EVERYTHING they do, no matter how many times I keep ticking off their other activities and keep only “Games” ticked. I stopped complaining about having to receive information about ALL their games and delete them as they come – that’s small peanuts – but why can’t it be simple and have the ability to specify what I do want? Or u, or she etc. Why can’t we adjust Facebook to our needs and will? If only there was a button to click on, that allows only FT activity and never to have to receive drek about other games all the time, life would be easier, wouldn’t it?


Another problem is that I don’t get anymore much info about the game. I’m talking about FarmTown, since I don’t play other games. Who has ze time or ze mood to play all ze time? Occasionally, when a neighbour clicks “like” on crops and facilities, I see it and can work or send ze bonuses and ingredients. This is ze place to apologize to my neighbours who noticed that I don’t work much on theirs. Simply, I don’t get ze info. Some of my neighbours know this problem and zey r clever enough to send me a message or email me when zey post zeir facilities or need ingredients. In return, I do ze same for zem.

I can assure u that I’ve ticked ALL info – not “most” or “only important”, I ticked “all”, but does it verk? Of course not, why would it? Facebook has a goal – to bother and bomb us wiz all ze crap zey have zer. Stupid Zukerman and staff – I guess zey can’t understand that too much info is too much for us and in a very short time ppl become immunized to drek. Is quality so bed, that they avoid making this network good and suitable to each of us? How hard would it be?

Well, may it be our only problem in life, Amen!

Wishing you Shana tova, may peace dwell upon our tortured globe and may all our dreams and wishes come true.

Mr. Brown1



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I love gifts, don’t you? I remember the times, when in the beginning I didn’t have many neighbours, which meant not many gifts to send and receive. Like in real life (so I hear from my wuman), the key word of success is to have plenty. If u r rich – u conquer almost everything and able to achieve what your heart desires. And, of course, advance in life as well as in ze game.

The wuman talks to me telepathically here and there, and told me that in the beginning of this game, the players couldn’t change the gifts they received and there where pleadings to send good and suitable ones, otherwise it was in vain, no use to these gifts. She plays this game a ve-ry lo——-ng time, much-much more than me, as u may understand. I can but be horrified because of zis. Ok, perhaps “horrified” is a strong word, as we are dealing wiz just a game, but I can’t sink of another at zis moment. I can’t imagine how awful it is not to be able to change the gifts. Oy vey! You are stuck wiz items you don’t want or need! Feh!

But it’s a very little comfort, because ppl keep sending stupid items like the fuel tank, trees/flowers, baits (ichs!) and all this unnecessary drek, not to mention the decorations. Hello!!! It’s like the sender puts her curser unintentionally on a coincidental item wizout bothering to choose a good effective one and clicks the send button. Just for the sake of fulfilling a task. Nobody pays any attention to the fact that it’s such a time consuming having to change zem! Not to mention how angry does it make you feel. Nobody has mercy on their neighbours. Sometimes, occasionally, when I’m in ze mood of getting even, I send people back drek gifts like ze peacock. If u got zis from me – plz do us both a favour, consider to behave and start sending me (as well as your ozer neighbours) normal, good effective gifts.

What is considered as good effective gifts? No need to have a high IQ to figure out that it’s those that you can’t produce or purchase and you depend on your neighbours to send you. Like all the meat stuff (including chicken pepperoni etc.), which seems to be always missing. Most restaurants need these, so why not send it and not just drek? I have neighbours that constantly stick to one item and never change the gifts they send. It means that I constantly need to change them. From like 50-60 gifts I get per day, a half has to be replaced. I don’t need any fuels (I have the facility!), nor crops, as I grow them myself. I have no idea why they still bother to annoy their neighbours with unfertile cases of fruit.

There were times, when I wanted to teach them a lesson and used to send them back the same drek items, but I found out that there’s no point to continue doing so as they kept sending as they pleased. No success, alas. No point in wasting time with ppl that don’t care.

I wish they will soon get some common sense and stop sending these. A little thoughtfulness never hurt anyone, did it?




Level 450

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How do you feel to be stuck in one place? Doesn’t it make you feel frustrated? How is it when you play in neutral and you can’t advance? You play and you play and continue to play, but your level remains ze same. Really annoying!

On the ozer hand, it’s not too bad (as I see it) to reach this level (wiz 18,300,000 XPs) 6 month after staring playing that game. I think it’s a nice achievement, given the fact that my wuman doesn’t buy anything, just using Farm cash. She refuses to spend real money, quite rightly. I’m not sitting on it day and night, just when my wuman has ze mood and the time. She doesn’t have much time…

I was in ze marketplace when I heard somebody saying that it’s not much fun now, as we are stuck. I went to check her farm and was amazed to find that she has 77 million points and her bar is deep on the right, which means she reached a billion. Wow! I have a very thin line on my bar. There’s no way I’ll ever reach hers. Not that I have any intention to do so. There are not enough hours in ze day to play to match her.


One can but wonder how the programmers of this game can’t find a solution to make the levels flow, as it’s not rocket science. What do we want? Really not a lot, just to keep playing and get ze points. Is it too much to ask?

Well, my wuman keeps calming me dowen and tells me that it’s just a game, nothing to get excited about. Nu, she is not an avatar and I know she has ozer excitements than gaming. I can hear her and her spouse. She thinks I don’t have ears…

Somebody else complained about her boredom, that there is no challenge anymore. She also has more than a billion XPs. How did zey get all these? I wonder if zey have a life other than the virtual. With anozer sought, I’m sure she spent quite a lot in real money to get all
the advanced tool to reach these XPs. As we say in Yiddish: Abi gezunt.

I have 18$ and need 27 more to buy anozer tool I need. I hope that the next ration of levels will come soon, but I have patience. For me, time is not of the essence, as I live according the will and mood of my wuman.

After all, it’s only a game, nothing more.


What is different?

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I guess I had a sheltered life or maybe my eyes were closed until now, when I start to reveal new insights. I never thought that a colour of one’s skin has anything to do wiz one’s quality. Aren’t we all humans and wumans, and share ze same spirit? Why are we bad to each other and treat each other differently, based on prejudice?

Personally, in my surrounding (which is on FarmTown), I meet nice people, polite, helping and wiz a lot of good intentions. We do our best to help each other in the game. True, we are avatars and we don’t live in so called “The real world”, but for us it is real. We do interact, even if it is in a virtual world. Sometimes we hook up wiz people just for one session, as we hire and get hired in ze marketplace, and some other times we are lucky to make friends. I made a nice friend who lives in a country I never thought I’d ever visit. Life is beautiful and full of nice surprises.
One day, a few months ago, I went to ze marketplace to sell my goodies and got hired. I was a beginner then, didn’t have many XPs and my level was below 100. Gherkin was there to hire farmers-in-need, to work on her many farms. A blessing for those who were desperate for ze points. I didn’t have proper tools at that time, just the basic, so it took me 4 hours to finish the work. I assume that she was pleased wiz my work, so she asked me to meet wiz her the next day. She gave me work until I reached level 300, then she started hire others. Fair enough. We are still in touch via liking each other’s posts (I hope she’ll like zis one too). I’m going to visit her country soon when my wuman and hers will coordinate the date.


As avatars, equals, we never base our friendship upon stupid prejudice, but on how we interact wiz each other. Mostly, we work for each other in FarmTown and move on, sometimes we befriend and become neighbours, sometime more.

Gherkin sent me zis article, which shocked me deeply. Each and every one of us should put themselves in the shoes of the writer and see how these words would affect us:

“I caught a few words of the end of her text that made me look more intently: ‘on the plane, sitting thigh to thigh with a big fat nigger. Lucky me’.”

A big fat nigger. What would you do if you were that big fat nigger? Can somebody be immunized against evil? How would you react if somebody would say something nasty against you?

I believe that we all are perfect, appose to the common opinion that we all have faults. Depends on the definition and the meaning of the word “fault”. One’s fault might be another’s quality. Who is to determine what’s right?


As I wrote in the beginning: I must have had a sheltered life or maybe my eyes were closed until now. I guess zey are a bit open now. I’m not sure it is a good thing.

Trembling blue stars

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Did we ever want the same things?

Wumans and avatars have different points of view about some subjects. One might think that the avatar is her mistress’s incarnation/embodiment, but it’s not so very much. From time to time, one can see wumans struggling to control their avatars, mostly in vain. Not very often, but we do have our agenda, which is hard for wumans to understand, let alone change it after we made up our minds.

One can but wonder why wumans bother to create us. Why can’t they just play with each other, why wiz imaginary figures? Don’t get me wrong – I’m not complaining, but wouldn’t it be simpler if wumans play with wumans and avatars with avatars?

Personally, I think we have ze same goal – to pass the time pleasantly by playing and having fun. I love zis game. I get to meet ozer avatars, I make new friends, learn about different life styles, it’s really enjoying and interesting. I like spending my days working on the farms. I hear from the wumans that it’s boring to click and click, but I don’t care, clicking is my thing. There’s no work that is too much for me, I do everything: harvesting, plowing, planting, coping trees and of course there are ze facilities, which produce many points. Mind u, at the moments, it doesn’t reward much, since most of the players are stuck on level 425. I’m on level 368, but moving up slowly, leisurely. I have time. Where do I have to hurry to?

Ze more ze Merrier

My wuman complains about some things regarding the game. One is the problem that we can’t buy much with our coins we gain. Many items can be bought only wiz farm cash or wiz real money. Gaining farm cash is not easy and requires working hard for a long time. Well, what is new? Simple ppl, who have no money, have to move very slowly from level to level, assemble the pennies in order to buy items in this game. One can but wonder why the developers of the game don’t allow us to purchase items with the coins we gain. I’m sure that more ppl would join the game. Or perhaps not.

Trembling blue stars don’t live in the real world

Trembling blue stars / Don’t live in the real world ©

So did we ever want the same things?
You want a love you could live without.
Maybe after all we’re on different wavelengths.

Something’s just eluding me, somehow.
But to have an opinion
Is fraught with danger
Could you ever believe
There’s no hidden agenda with me?

Applying the brakes may well protect you;
Boundaries in place will keep a heart safe.
But I think love should come with madness,
That there is no road you should not take.
Surviving isn’t everything:
I’d rather drown than not dive in.

But what does it matter what I think?
Why should I have to understand?
What gives me the right to judge you?
And what do I know anyway
Didn’t you always say I don’t live in the real world?



Milk and Honey

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sharon & friends

I live in the land of milk and honey. Tell you the truth, not much of those, these days. It’s quite hard to manage trough the difficulties we experience economically, politically etc.

On top of all, we are causing so much damage to the planet we live upon. In the past, very-very-very many years ago, sheep and cattle used to graze nice delicious healthy nourishing green grass at the pasture in open space, breathing clear air and produce good nice milk for their offspring and for humans too. Since mankind became greedy and decided to exploit everything he can lay his nasty hands on – nature has changed for the bad, and among other things, we learned about the damages cow milk can cause us. Nature tends to get even with those who don’t treat it nicely.

We must be kind to others, to nature, to the animals and everything surrounding us.


Milk & Honey1


Milk & Honey2


Milk & Honey3


Milk & Honey4


Milk & Honey5


Milk & Honey6




(Last but not least…)

Milk & Honey7