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60, Ze New 40

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Celebrating 60

Celebrating 60, ze new 40



Sree days ago, my wuman turned 60 (as if I care…). We call it in Hebrew a round figure. I mean ze number, not ze form of ze body 😉 She isn’t round at all, but more of a skeleton, so not much of a figure.

The whole family gathered for the feast to celebrate the event with a lot of food and drinks, and music, loud, of course. These days you can’t find soft music anymore; it’s always noisy and a pain into the ears. Her cute grandchildren declaimed something funny wiz rhymes, about 60 being nowdays ze new 40, which was written by their parents, my wuman’s children.

Everybody was amused and happy. Except me, as I was not invited, but left alone in ze dark. Nu, well, at the end of ze day what am I basically? Just an avataress, nothink more.


Hadara Levin Areddy

I don’t understand why people make such a fuss about birthdays. Furthermore, what does it matter if a person (wuman or human) is 48 years old or 66 or else? Humans invented time as if to get things in order, but in my humble opinion it’s just another way to control ze werld; what else can it be?

We, avatars, don’t have a birthdate, not to mention celebrating any. We just are, invented by wumans and humans, just for zeir games.

In the photos my wuman loaded to her computer, I could see how nice the party was (I WASN’T INVITED!!!), so it made me think maybe we should also celebrate something. We can call the day we were invented as our birthday, what do you think? Don’t we deserve a celebration of our own? I promise we’ll invite our humans and wumans too; we won’t leave zen alone in ze dark.


No Body Wants You – Jazz Version of Hadara Levin Areddy