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Level 450

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How do you feel to be stuck in one place? Doesn’t it make you feel frustrated? How is it when you play in neutral and you can’t advance? You play and you play and continue to play, but your level remains ze same. Really annoying!

On the ozer hand, it’s not too bad (as I see it) to reach this level (wiz 18,300,000 XPs) 6 month after staring playing that game. I think it’s a nice achievement, given the fact that my wuman doesn’t buy anything, just using Farm cash. She refuses to spend real money, quite rightly. I’m not sitting on it day and night, just when my wuman has ze mood and the time. She doesn’t have much time…

I was in ze marketplace when I heard somebody saying that it’s not much fun now, as we are stuck. I went to check her farm and was amazed to find that she has 77 million points and her bar is deep on the right, which means she reached a billion. Wow! I have a very thin line on my bar. There’s no way I’ll ever reach hers. Not that I have any intention to do so. There are not enough hours in ze day to play to match her.


One can but wonder how the programmers of this game can’t find a solution to make the levels flow, as it’s not rocket science. What do we want? Really not a lot, just to keep playing and get ze points. Is it too much to ask?

Well, my wuman keeps calming me dowen and tells me that it’s just a game, nothing to get excited about. Nu, she is not an avatar and I know she has ozer excitements than gaming. I can hear her and her spouse. She thinks I don’t have ears…

Somebody else complained about her boredom, that there is no challenge anymore. She also has more than a billion XPs. How did zey get all these? I wonder if zey have a life other than the virtual. With anozer sought, I’m sure she spent quite a lot in real money to get all
the advanced tool to reach these XPs. As we say in Yiddish: Abi gezunt.

I have 18$ and need 27 more to buy anozer tool I need. I hope that the next ration of levels will come soon, but I have patience. For me, time is not of the essence, as I live according the will and mood of my wuman.

After all, it’s only a game, nothing more.